Rogue 32mm Sculpt

Rogue 32mm Sculpt

Rogue 32mm Sculpt A Rogue 32mm sculpt is the latest miniature to be included in the first wave of the Acolyte Fantasy Range. This amazing sculpture has captured the nature of the sneaky, wily rogue perfectly. She could easily be lurking in the shadows, eyeing her next victim, ready to commit her next theft. Her demeanour … Read more

Bonecrusher The Barbarian

bonecrusher 32mm barbarian

Bonecrusher 32mm Barbarian Acolyte Miniatures is thrilled to reveal the final digital sculpt for Bonecrusher the barbarian. Bonecrusher is one of the first wave of fantasy figures Acolyte Miniatures will be releasing. The all new 32mm Acolyte Fantasy range will consist of highly detailed renders of many much loved fantasy characters. Adapted from  striking concept art the Bonecrusher … Read more

New Shop is Live

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New Shop Open We are extremely excited to unveil the brand new Acolyte Miniatures website and shop, finally!! As well as a cleaner, simpler design customers can now purchase figures directly from the all new shop that is fully integrated into the website. It’s been a long time coming and is still something of a … Read more