Cleric Robert de Foresta V2

Cleric Robert de Foresta V2  Released

Cleric Robert de Foresta V2

Cleric Robert de Foresta V2 Released

The all new Cleric Robert de Foresta V2 is available to buy now as part of the Acolyte Fantasy Range.

The original Cleric Robert de Foresta was released several years ago as the first miniature of the 32mm Acolyte Fantasy range. Since that first release more characters have been designed and sculpted. Beginning last summer Acolyte Miniatures started to release the new figures.

The customer response to those initial releases has been fantastic and very positive.

However it was felt that the original design of the Cleric was not in keeping with the newer figures.  Figures such as the rogue and wizard are becoming the signature look of Acolyte Miniatures.

As a result Acolyte Miniatures set about redesigning Cleric Robert de Foresta.

The intention was to give the new version the same style and character as the other fantasy figures in the range.

Acolyte Miniatures feels that we have achieved this with great results.  Cleric Robert de Foresta V2 is exactly what we were looking for when we designed him.

The pose is really striking, showing Robert ready to face evil head on. There are still several hand options with either a mace or a warhammer, as well as sword that can be used for decoration.

As a consequence we think we have captured the embodiment of a character prepared to face any enemy without hesitation.  This is just the sort of character any gaming group would welcome.

Customers can purchase Cleric Robert de Foresta V2 directly from the store now.

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