bonecrusher 32mm barbarian

Bonecrusher The Barbarian

bonecrsuher the barbarian

Bonecrusher 32mm Barbarian

Acolyte Miniatures is thrilled to reveal the final digital sculpt for Bonecrusher the barbarian.

Bonecrusher is one of the first wave of fantasy figures Acolyte Miniatures will be releasing.

The all new 32mm Acolyte Fantasy range will consist of highly detailed renders of many much loved fantasy characters.

Adapted from  striking concept art the Bonecrusher sculpture has captured every piece of detail, bringing the character to life.

Bonecrusher stands braced for a fight wielding ‘The Pursuader’ his giant warhammer, ready to dispatch any foes who foolishly stand in his way.

The final cast will stand at around 35mm and will be sold in a blister pack with 2 separate parts.

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