acolyte fantasy is coming

Acolyte Fantasy Is Coming

acolyte miniatures line up coming soon

Acolyte Fantasy

We are excited to announce Acolyte Fantasy is coming.

Acolyte Miniatures has been working for a while now on creating the Acolyte Fantasy range.

It is with tremendous excitement that we are able to announce the first wave of sculpts have been completed.

We have worked really hard, and had a lot of fun, creating this range of very individualistic and expressive miniatures.

The thing we especially wanted to capture was the spirit of the characters that we as gamers all identify with.

This first series of 32mm resin miniatures includes a variety of characters that you would expect to see in any group of adventurers.

They include the giant barbarian, the aptly named Bonecrusher, wielding his warhammer that he fondly calls ‘The Persuader’.

A rogue casually smoking her pipe whilst she keeps a close eye on proceedings.

She’s ready to make her move on an unsuspecting mark.

An elf ranger is brandishing his bow made from deer antlers.

Is he hunting or is he a scout?  Maybe he is entering into a skirmish, to face some deadly Drow.

There is a wizard casting a spell selected from his spell books that he carries with him at all times.

All of the sculpts are currently being 3D printed in preparation for going to casting.

Look out for some photos of the process for each figure as we get them.

Customers will be able to buy these miniatures in the shop shortly.

Acolyte Fantasy is an ongoing range of miniatures that we will be continually expanding.

The second wave of Acolyte Fantasy characters are already being worked on and are in various stages of the design process.

Look out for more news on these miniatures very soon as we will start to roll out images of the sculpts.


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