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About Acolyte Miniatures

acolyte miniaturesAcolyte Miniatures is an entertainment company producing unpainted gaming miniatures that are perfect for a variety of tabletop role playing games including horror games and fantasy RPG games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave and Warhammer Fantasy. Our figures are also perfect for those who like painting miniature figures for collecting, exhibiting and entering into painting competitions.

The Butcher

Acolyte Miniatures launched our range of miniature figures with the release of the stunning horror character The Butcher, the main character in a new short story series called ‘The House of Lies and Bones’ that Acolyte Miniatures are developing.

The Butcher is available now as a 35mm unpainted resin cast miniature-perfect for both gamers and painters. The figure is available for sale directly from the Acolyte Miniatures store.

The Butcher is one of the main characters from ‘The House of Lies and Bones’. This is a Victorian Gothic horror series that will be released in the not too distant future as a collection of short stories, which Acolyte Miniatures will be looking to develop as a game in some form in the not too distant future. More figures based on the characters will be released as the stories are produced and ‘The House of Lies and Bones’ franchise expands.

Acolyte Fantasy

Acolyte Fantasy is our ongoing fantasy RPG miniatures range. The first wave of these includes a barbarian, thief, rogue, dragon slayer, and necromancer, perfect for any Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or Warhammer fantasy campaign, as well as any of the many independent fantasy role playing games available. You can buy them in the store now.

The Acolyte Fantasy range is now being expanded with sculpts being done for figures from a variety of races and classes meaning there will be something for everyone to play. Look out for these as they will be added to the store throughout 2018.

Acolyte Prestige

Those who enjoy painting fantasy miniatures will love the Acolyte Prestige range that has now launched with the release of The Defeated, available from the store now. Acolyte Prestige is a range of unpainted, highly detailed 72mm miniature figures with dioramas. These sculpts are based on stunningly detailed artwork and are presented with art cards. This series is an ongoing range from Acolyte Miniatures.  Also available are Dead End and Bringer of Death.  We will be looking to add more dioramas, as well as busts in 2018. These sets are perfect for those looking to develop their miniatures painting skills.

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