acolyte prestige mega bundle

Acolyte Prestige Mega Bundle

Acolyte Prestige Mega Bundle

Acolyte Prestige Mega Bundle

Do you want to get an amazing deal from Acolyte Miniatures? We are happy to announce a very special Acolyte Prestige Mega Bundle.

We are offering the first three 72mm Prestige dioramas  for the discounted price of £100.

This is a great opportunity to own these amazing miniatures at a greatly discounted price.

Dead End and Bringer of Death will both be available very soon.

Why are we doing this?

Acolyte Miniatures prides ourselves on producing high quality miniatures and we will never compromise on this attention to quality.  Why should we?

This year saw the release of The Defeated, finally, to great acclaim. We are very proud of the response, reviews and feedback of The Defeated.  It was an eventful journey to get to release but it was worth it in the end.  Seeing how people are painting Defeated has been a real thrill for us. All paint jobs have been fantastic and we look forward to seeing more of them.

The goal of Acolyte Miniatures has always been to produce 2 separate ranges-72mm and 32mm miniatures.

We were able to begin working on the fantasy miniatures and design and produce our Fantasy range once Defeated was released.  Acolyte Miniatures have shown some of the sculpts, which have been really well received.  The plan had been to get the first wave of figures produced and released by the end of the year, along with the next 2 Prestige 72mm dioramas.

Regrettably the casts we received weren’t up to the standard we expect and you deserve.  The decision was made not to release them.

2017 Releases

As a result this has slowed down the release schedule. However we now have a new casting company we are working with. They are busy until the end of the year and can’t begin work on the new figures until the start of January. Therefore all of our currently produced miniatures will be cast and released by the end of January /early February 2017.

We wanted to do something special for you and thank you for your ongoing support, making things as affordable as possible at the same time.

We feel that the Mega Bundle offers you great value for money and the opportunity to get these fantastic figures at a phenomenal price.

Customers can buy the Acolyte Prestige Mega Bundle from the store now.

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